collective madness (freeverse)

through an observers perspective 
seeing all of them and their interactions 
you would think they were all crazy 
here in this place
not a soul has maintained their sanity
seems to be like this in all places
a collective madness 

they destroy so much for nothing
carried away by strong currents of blinding emotion and drive 
a world run by a maelstrom of desires unattainable 
created from a source outside of the self 
perpetuating illusions
losing themselves for broken dreams
perverted visions bought from a life mutilated by fantasy
so many chained by insanity 
so much madness, it's normal 
whose really sane in a world like this? 
is it the ones that have broke away? 
that have withdrawn in their own worlds 
free from this one 
possessing total freedom

that's what "insanity" is- 
freedom from a collective insanity 
and into a private one 

it's in isolation insanity becomes a problem 
in a group, community, society, 
it's the only way to be normal

my curse (freeverse)

my loneliness, my curse
i find peace but chaos comes as well 

something i draw back into, my comfortability  
something i also want to escape

it's this suffering inside my loneliness
a suffering in its core 
on the outside it gives me what i am but conflicts me
i want to stay away, i don't want to join in 
but i always come back, i always hate it

this indecision tearing me apart
a constant paradox 
wanting and searching 
finding than abandoning 
never ending

all these people i try to escape but it is in them, i am me
it is in them, the thing i want most
once i get it, i  retreat
push away from this source i long for 
going back into loneliness

i don't understand, maybe i never will 
the best people are all in my head
it all makes sense there 

doomed by love (freeverse)

you were just a stranger 
walking by, almost faceless
now i can put a name to the face 
now i know you so much more than a stranger
i am tangled within your web 
i know you now 

days go by, attachment gets stronger 
theres something pulling me closer and closer 
i can't break away from it 
familiarity leaves an open wound 
only closeness can heal 
when i'm near you, i am at peace
you fill in my emptiness
you give me what i lack

months go by, i'm slowly learning who you really are
as the mask fades off
portrayal washes away 
slipping through the cracks, you unveil yourself 
a great flood succumbs me 

before, i could escape
but now it's too late 
you're no longer the stranger 
too much time has been spent
now i must deal with you 
because it is far too late 
to get out of this now

with you, it all makes sense (freeverse)

As i feel your warmth 
embrace my body 
it all makes sense
you soothe all of me
joining me in true connection 
with everything
i feel part of this
no longer an outsider 
able to be the truth of my being
no longer concealed by principles or ideals
i become myself entirely 
with you 
i am love, 
i am joy, 
i am anger, 
i am hatred
i am mankind, 
i am the world, 
i am the universe, 
i am everything,
humanity flows through my veins 
i experience all at once and the jubilation of many  
as i look around at all these people
filled with warmth 
i ask the man to fill my glass
so i can experience more of you

saviour of fools (freeverse)

you're complicating the simplest thing
going in circles 
trying to free yourself from the very chains you created 

you say you know the answers 
but you're as clueless as the people you criticize 
you're the worst kind of clueless
you're the kind that spreads your madness onto others 
making them as clueless as you are 

a saviour of fools

you will save them from one madness
to another 
your madness seems to make the most sense
you will save the fools 
and lose everything 


i am still living it (freeverse)

i am still living it

going through what happened

spent so much time playing the events out in my head 

going through different situations 

what could've been 

what should've been 

time hasn't changed a thing 

people get older and they die 

but it still remains

fixed into its original state

it doesn't change, it never changes

i have to carry it because 

i am still living it 

holding me down

like a cinderblock chained around my ankles

as it submerges me in the bottom of this ocean 

as i flail for breath, it swallows me 

it's very heavy 

the burden of history

the mirror (freeverse)

as a child 
before the self
innocence penetrates the mirror
there is no reflection 
unaware of it
it shatters 
breaking it

before the subject 
there was only life
in its purity 
unknown and curious 
it experiences for the first time
overcome with an abundance
exalted with life 
it seeks the self

with time
reflection shows
mirror is realized
as subject recognizes self 
the mirror offers it new life
by dissolving an old one
as the mirror reflects what is
a being enters the world
it becomes the world
loses the purity 
innocence gone
mirror has swallowed them whole

captivated by the reflection
in the twilight of being  
through mirror and self
it has become one
it knows what it is
tormented by the image 
it seeks destruction
constantly changing 
moving forward
and backward
trying to get back to what once was 
before the mirror
towards purity