For my ________ (freeverse)

Your eyes lie on me in darkening ignorance,
Like they fell down unstable earth
Where a bottom was reached 
That you and I now share.
And I had thought of my innocence in moment’s rage,
While yours appeared to me without time, in blank forgiveness;
Without the flood that withers us to its command. 

Anger was yours to lose, 
But you had found an anchor, 
And I, a lighthouse.

And from a moment I had discovered myself again, 
And discovered you also,
 as child, 
Without that weight of time you wear now so well, 
And sometimes wish to shed.  

From what becomes of reluctance
grows saving guilt,
And i forgive you, 
And in a higher self-defeat, 
You forgave me. 

We have both scattered part of ourselves, 
But in parts we newly assembled  
What matters after all,
Even though it is a reminder
Of hopes forever lost;
Such are the necessities we must bear.

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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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