Take Me Not As Person, But As Process (prologue to a photoshoot, but not really about one) (freeverse)

I have a place kept locked;
where your shadow
contains my hidden movements.

Unknown to you, I rest there, waiting, 
perhaps playing in the anticipation 
of un-concealment.

I'm hoping you sense 
the activity of wonder
through the tone of my voice 
when I'm speaking of all the things 
you hold dear - the things I'm hoping
will be in your power to destroy. 

Slowly the clockwork ticks 
into resolve, directing the cogs
in new alignment,
ticking down the hierarchy between me and you. 

But soon..
That bastard, that bastard!

The wilderness- that breathing, 
dreaming one
keeps traces of me
in laughter, love, hate,
and always, always, repeating. 
Repetition - that blasted relief. 

The dark spot, the one held for me,
no longer holds your comforts.
All has left,
as was expected.

But what has been kept?
Deep, beautiful becoming.

For what you were unaware 
was a signing of a contract 
to make you not a person
but a process,
in flux.


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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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