relations, or the dealings of polyamory (freeverse)

I saw you content, 
and then i crawled away in shame.
Nothing could have escaped the anger of
such defeat; 
backs have broken 
carrying the inevitable regret.  

   Can i rebuild? 

I found your presence so comforting, but then
you shattered it before me to reveal  
transparency. Like a fool, 
i was exposed to the meaning of quicksand. 

     Can i become better? 

I've held on long, looking at your shapes 
as i ran finger tips across
the dimensions of desire.
You slowly disappeared in that geometry, 
giving form to another world; beyond me. 

        Can i destroy? 

I waited, lonely, in idleness 
to receive you. It's true, i was awarded,
but in a million ways i was punished.
Then your silence leavened the coarseness,
letting me 
see you a final time, in resolution. 

"Can i change you?"

You kept repeating the greed
to yourself, through me, 
until it became extinct 
in all.