is a journey (freeverse)

when you (i) feel this,
do you understand you are the centre? 

a centre of concentrated intoxication for me 

my main focus, my drive

extend yourself into my movements
control the mechanisms of lust
take this chemical frame
and mutate me in fragmented anticipation 

the pain of loss
an overture to suffer for

traces of you left in remembrance , a solid spike in my head

missing you 

is a journey 

a traverse into melancholic joy


passing through (freeverse)

in a world of appearances 
substance absorbs into the picture
as violent paint  

blotted across a plane of brilliant pain
hearts connected in vain 
intricate designs- what we build 

folding paper, exposing layers
craters of greedy time scattered 
through a canvas,
a deep wound,
quench the lack with another,
and again spill the void
in virulent excess  
a slave to circles 

i'm just passing through

all i have (freeverse)

you've forgotten
but i'm here, carrying this burden 

crushed under the weight of your existence 

i'm breathing memories 
as i swallow bitter time

want to distance myself from your contours 
every line and shape pierces the barrier of my comfort
exposing the raw flesh of vulnerability  

traces of your time imprinted in my perception 
making everything i am, and everything you're not

your appearance haunts the hollowness of my mind you've left behind
as if my substance was yours to extinguish 
and my life; your game to play

dissonant and fragile, i shatter the pieces 
only to bring them together again 

reminded incessantly 
of something you've never felt
but something that made me feel

solutions are a cold dead thing
and your warmth digs a deeper hole 

but if i lose you

i lose all hope 

and hope is all i have