don’t reveal what’s on the inside, in fear of betraying yourself

the despair of making happiness an obligation, of being that thing that is labeled to be,

losing essence

watch how the sweetest passions dissolve themselves once laid bare

secrets must be kept

in a cage



an older one (freeverse)

violet hills swept blue
candescent hues of somber greens
valleys and archways reminiscant of past dreams
over in the horizon begins the road

i hear a quack from the shore
my body frozen more and more
sun bright; heat flashes in waves
thoughts fade within the days
only that remains: the shore and the blue,
all the water and the hue,
all this filth creeping, seething to be seen

what is this beauty but a dream

an interplay (freeverse)

a caricature of love, 
the depths of desire

lust filled itself in the empty places;
colonized the territory beyond the limits of seduction

this flesh had trapped an essence; 
electricity sparked on the skin,
memories became tactile, 
imprinted eternally between the space of life and death

unfolding time rains specks of dust,
cluttering the caverns of a soul

catharsis built the tomb,
enclosing the brutality of passion

a once eschewed existence; 
now drowning in itself

ecstasy burned a scar
lust dug the hole
desire swallowed the earth
and I am what love left behind.