a blankness- covered in pale white-is what we are with no color drawn, with no self.

in the milieus of all tolerance there is an horizon with no depths or lengths for which to be; its being is an object- we become object- in this empty vestige of canvases.

if all flows easily, nothing of worth is flowing-nothing that gives complexion-  

as you draw breath, draw with strength and clamour from your chest as if you are alive and you shall be; if you oppose being nothing but a wind in the world, a passer-by, a fleeting moment, a blank- stand firm and solidify into stone


the problem with our culture: its complete devoted servitude to economy

-infecting all areas of life with capital

making human life an economy

devoid of any meaning-

-the only values are the growth of pleasure economy (hedonism)

and financial economy