what am i for other people? (freeverse)

you gave me a view
a glimpse through a hole
-and a moving figure appeared

shadow walking through the hall,  
the silhouette of a person 
i know all too well 

distance gives a curiosity, 
-let me get closer 

a collection of stories
in the outlines of a face

i only caught a glimpse
a small peep into the life
but it was enough 
to determine it was a lie

pull me away! 

that's not me! 
what have you done?

get it away from me! 
i don't want to see it!

what a nightmare

i don't feel well,
i have to go

-'please stay'

i'm trying to make sense but i can't, 
i don't understand it, look at this,
see if you feel the same
-'who is that? it's awful'
-'o god! get it away!'

                   ...i'm sorry...

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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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