past decisions (freeverse)


flickers of shade within this memory,
a rest stop to view and be grateful 

twilight of characters
unique in their time 
-all me

a different shade for every colour, 
i thank all of you for making me, 
father figures of my destiny,
my fate inscribed in your actions 

consequences still swimming,
flowing in this river,
forever changing the speed 
as time changes people

 5 years, 3 years, 2 years

thank the years, 
thank myself in remembrance



hiding in books (freeverse)


 i hide in these books

my defence against the meaningless 
that grips me, 

loneliness distorts the world, 

distance has left a hole
all reality seeps through

In the words, i found a home 
to mend the distance

Lose myself in pages for a while
waiting for you to find me

your image holds so much truth 
in my world of lies,
i cower at the sight 
yet i'm longing for your gaze  

need to get out of this house
and make this life real again

Throw it with all the others and be done (freeverse)

Have been in this stone too long
unable to breath and move
Set in this place
heart muffled, trembling, 
My fears covered like moss
but i've broken it in two
Revealing the core

Nothing but more stone,
here lies the wreckage of my home
Hard and Heavy
my enemy, my burden
throw it in the lake with all the others,
now i've escaped

It's worth shedding this cold weight