whose? (freeverse)


whose design was it for me to feel pain?
to have my heart broken?
to make me weep like this?

whose design? 

to make us mutually suffer?
to put us in this place?
in this time?
with these feelings 
this life 
these bonds
this day, this night
this beauty, this ugly 
these men and these women
these women and these men
this good, this bad

whose design?

to make me feel love?
and its loss? 
to make me care so much it destroys me inside?
to ruin myself, my dreams, my mind, my life for someone
who doesn't care?

it's not of my own choosing
tragedy befell me
narrative written
consequences met 

not my design 

but whose is it?



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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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