ocean in my head (freeverse)


there is an ocean in my head
filled with shipwrecks, 
they sink slowly 
carving the bottom with their dead weight 
scarring the earth 

encumbering the surface beneath the waves,
they fill this ocean with empty vessels
holding a vestige of what once was 
or maybe what could've been 

they sink far, 
into the darkness 
where there is barely any life, 
they slowly disappear from sight 
but are never gone and never fully forgotten

in this vast expanse in my head,  
regret is boundary-less 
anger is free to swim 
and every moment leaves scars, 
every ship loses to the storms 
and ventures into the bottom



your presence in my life is like a leech sucking up all my time (freeverse)

Time is going by too fast for me
ever since i met you
Months are fleeting minutes
Trickling down into memories
Exhausting themselves and fading away
Days have become seconds

stuck in stasis
frozen and ready to thaw 
give me your warmth 
and let me melt

Ever since i met you
time has been going too fast
just waiting for the next time
I meet you again

And the next 

And the next

Until i remember nothing but you
and my days are all wasted

i get into relationships so i can relate to sad music (freeverse)

music to make me feel 
colours to give life 
words to make it real 
pictures capturing an ecstasy 
surreal and abstract 
without this for you, there is no me


i don't seek you
i don't feel you,
without these meanings

no joy to realize
we have nothing,
if we don't idealize

through art 
we've created our love

remembering me (freeverse)

you created a world 
a world of your own 
away from everyone
where you found your own passions
experienced your own happiness 

before you entered theres
filled with all its problems

you had your own 

where you suffered
but it was all part of your design 
and it was beautiful 

in there, you built yourself 
in those walls 
by yourself 
just you and your passion

this was your life 
and it was worth it
for you, nothing else mattered 

now you're part of them 
no other way
had to join them at some point 

do you still remember? 
how beautiful life was
how simple it was
before you had to join them 

now, there are new walls 
to confine yourself 
by yourself 


whose? (freeverse)


whose design was it for me to feel pain?
to have my heart broken?
to make me weep like this?

whose design? 

to make us mutually suffer?
to put us in this place?
in this time?
with these feelings 
this life 
these bonds
this day, this night
this beauty, this ugly 
these men and these women
these women and these men
this good, this bad

whose design?

to make me feel love?
and its loss? 
to make me care so much it destroys me inside?
to ruin myself, my dreams, my mind, my life for someone
who doesn't care?

it's not of my own choosing
tragedy befell me
narrative written
consequences met 

not my design 

but whose is it?



Time is going by too fast for me

Ever since i met you

Months are fleeting minutes

Trinkling down into memories

Exhausting themselves in experiences

Days have become seconds

Ever since i met you

Time has been going too fast

Just waiting for the next moment

I meet you again

And the next 

And the next

Until i remember nothing but you 


Games to occupy ourselves with
Shapes and sounds to illicit reaction
Take us away with emotion
Make us feel something
Rather than nothing
These games we play 
To distract us for a while
Give us something to work for 
A work that is meaningless
Playing these games
With their small victories
Leaving more to be desired 
Longing for a meaning 
To this game 
The simplicity of what is 
The realization we complicate it
With these games we play
Stripping it bare
Reaching its core
Away from these games
That hide a substance
Masking truths
These games leave meanings 
Elabaroate distractions
Distracting us from the fact
Only love brings meaning 
To these games of life

All for you (freeverse)

Watch as they dance for you

Flow for you

The trees, they breath for you

Skies cry for you

Shout for you

Calling out for you

All for you

Pure and willing

All you needed was this

To be reminded

To look out and realize

It was all for you

The oceans waves clashing

Clashing for your longing

For how long you’ve been waiting

For them

To be reminded by them

That it’s all for you

Speaking your name

The sun with all its warmth

Warming you

Glowing on your skin

All for you

It was meant for you

Feel it 

Taste it

Smell it

All of it

All for you