collective madness (freeverse)

through an observers perspective 
seeing all of them and their interactions 
you would think they were all crazy 
here in this place
not a soul has maintained their sanity
seems to be like this in all places
a collective madness 

they destroy so much for nothing
carried away by strong currents of blinding emotion and drive 
a world run by a maelstrom of desires unattainable 
created from a source outside of the self 
perpetuating illusions
losing themselves for broken dreams
perverted visions bought from a life mutilated by fantasy
so many chained by insanity 
so much madness, it's normal 
whose really sane in a world like this? 
is it the ones that have broke away? 
that have withdrawn in their own worlds 
free from this one 
possessing total freedom

that's what "insanity" is- 
freedom from a collective insanity 
and into a private one 

it's in isolation insanity becomes a problem 
in a group, community, society, 
it's the only way to be normal

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