doomed by love (freeverse)

you were just a stranger 
walking by, almost faceless
now i can put a name to the face 
now i know you so much more than a stranger
i am tangled within your web 
i know you now 

days go by, attachment gets stronger 
theres something pulling me closer and closer 
i can't break away from it 
familiarity leaves an open wound 
only closeness can heal 
when i'm near you, i am at peace
you fill in my emptiness
you give me what i lack

months go by, i'm slowly learning who you really are
as the mask fades off
portrayal washes away 
slipping through the cracks, you unveil yourself 
a great flood succumbs me 

before, i could escape
but now it's too late 
you're no longer the stranger 
too much time has been spent
now i must deal with you 
because it is far too late 
to get out of this now


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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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