I don’t believe in love

I say i don’t believe in love, i am not a horrible person, what i mean is i don’t believe in the ideas that have constructed love thus far. For me, true love is in a persons individuality, it is their own unique self-expression not influenced by any external force or symbolic structure that postulates what it should be. When people speak of love, they are speaking of a systematic and almost inauthentic paradigm perpetuated by a series of ideological and symbolic nuances that have been contingent throughout all of history and culture. The individualism involved in love is stunted giving way for an objective valuation of the term, a valuation that loses the genuine expression of the subjective, turning it into an authoritarian event guided by sets of ideals and regulations one must follow in order for it be “love”. It becomes an entrapment of the modern age, to express love by what it “should” be and not what it is.


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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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