apathy and conversation (freeverse)

everyone has these problems, 
these problems talk amongst each other
seems the only reason people converse 
is to share their problems 
that's how i understand it 
the only reason people talk, 
is to express their problems
problems with their life, their job, their school, 
their relationship, their family,
about everything,
it's like living in a constant neurosis 
where i have to look for problems
get pissed at something 
lose my nerve over one thing
just to talk to someone 
everything can't be fine
it can't be going well
because once it is 
theres nothing to talk about,
you're boring,
you got nothing going on 
there is no discourse

"everything is fine?"
"it's all fine" 
"ok fine, have a nice day" 

that's how it always goes 
just left being the quiet one 
what else can you do?
when nothing really seems to bother you?
when your pretty fine with everything?
it's almost like you have no choice but to be quiet 
or you could start being like them 
have something to stress about, worry about, get angry over 
you could be like them 
you could buy into that madness 
maybe then you'll have something to talk about
it seems the most normal thing is for you to live in a hell 
to be miserable 
that's what people expect 
they want others to share in their misery 
everyone connected through despair,
you're an outsider,
if you don't belong to this melancholy 
there must be something wrong with you
why are you so quiet? 
something bothering you? 
the world does not want you 
to be fine 
it wants you to be bruised
like it is
like they are,
yet, you enjoy it,
you enjoy not belonging 
you enjoy not being trapped like them
you enjoy the freedom 
you enjoy being quiet
you enjoy your apathy  
you enjoy it as much as your apathy will let you enjoy it,
maybe you can talk about that.

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