the cycle i find myself in (freeverse)

trying to find something in strange places
maybe trying to find someone 
looking all around 
feels like its all part of a system 
a structure for me to experience 
to exist for this moment 
in this very instance
an event can change everything
for me, for all these people
what am i trying to find in this crowd?
i'm not sure anymore
why did i come here?
it seems meaningless to me 
maybe i just want to be apart of it
apart of the monotony 
of this place
i could sit somewhere and take it all in 
take in all this movement
this energy 
but i don't want to take anything in 
i go outside
last cigarette 
smoke it to the butt 
watching all the people go by 
all this life here 
escapes me 
becomes so lifeless 
cigarette is finished 
i found nothing 
not even sure why i came 
i head home 
now the meaning comes back 
i know what i'm looking for now 
i've worked it out, as i sit here alone 
i figured out the reason 
next day 
i go again 
it hits me once again 
the emptiness 
i lose the meaning 
why did i come here? 
look all around 
it seems meaningless to me 
i go outside again 
smoke my cigarette 
then i head home 
next day
same thing
and so on

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Literature, art, science, travel. Writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Always wrestling with language.

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