Vile (freeverse)

you pierced your claws

into my flesh

contorting me how you desired

you tore me apart

as you wanted it to be done

i have become a shell for you 

an empty vessel 

for you to fill 

my blood, my flesh

have become the means

for your entertainment 

you've penetrated my world 

you have become my world

without you i am lost 

without you i am nothing

your torture is all i know 

and i can't stop loving you

Late (freeverse)

i'm late

i've overslept

the train, it left without me

i didn't arrive on time

everyone got on 

and i'm just here, sitting on the benches

i guess i'm missing out

they've all gone without me  

the weather is quite nice

it's awfully lonely though 

wonder if it will come round again

maybe then i can get on

and figure what this is all about