Sexuality is Dead

The over sexualization of our american culture has smothered sexuality to death. The indulgence of our sexual appetite  and the constant consumption of these desires in our everyday lives has normalized sexuality into something that is completely arbitrary and part of the “background” of our lives. This has made it lose all its value, all of the fantasy and everything that made it special. Instead of being a small secret world filled with eroticism and immense pleasure, it has become our entire world which has destroyed it of all sensuality and mystery. It has become so common to see provocative images, phrases, lyrics, clothing etc., and all it furthers to do is ruin all vivacity associated with sex by dulling its stimulus and incorporating it into our full societal ideology which renders it to be too “familiar” and that familiarity  makes it meaningless by instilling one ruling meaning and snuffing out the rest till it becomes authoritarian in nature and in a way we have made a tyrant out of sexuality. Sexuality has become oppressive, it is now the main ruler and we are complacent in our oppression, it has taken over our lives, it is not any longer another aspect of being human but it is everything humans are and this leads to nothing but hedonistic degradation and it is one where we are never satisfied because now it’s not about being satisfied when it encompasses our entire world, it is a cycle of constant feeding to the master, its become a monotonous life  and we have become puppets to be exploited by our own inherent basic desire without even realizing the exploitation because it has become too deep rooted in our culture.

Sex is no longer a spontaneous enjoyment where the possibility is harbouring on contingency eliciting excitement, it is to be expected and in a way we are forced into it, its act has become necessarily the way it should be, the fantasy is not your own, it has already been manufactured for you, you must comply. 

Sex was an escape of the monotony of life and the boring, it has now become part of the monotony of life and the boring and that is a very sad thing.


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